Assessment week, and cool stuff for the rest of 2019!

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  • assessment week;
  • pregrading and report sheets;
  • grading;
  • end of year barbecue;
  • summer break and 2020 start.

Assessment week

This week (beginning 18 November) is assessment week. Ensure you bring your training notebook and pen, so you can record your specific feedback from your class instructor.

Remember that your instructor is giving you feedback every class. Write this in your training notebook and review it regularly, so you can focus your training on the things that matter most.

Pregrading and report sheets

Pregrading is in regular classes the week beginning 2 December. Be ready – know your entire syllabus (including your theory) and ensure that your syllabus sheet has at least one date in every row completed by your instructor. Syllabus sheets are available here.

Under 13s, print the report sheet now (available here) and ask your parent and teacher to complete it. It is due to your instructor in class in week 8. We do not accept report sheets by email.


This term, grading dates are:

  • All gradings below yellow belt (if your belt colour is white), Monday 16 December, 6-8pm, at Glendowie Primary School;
  • All gradings for yellow belts and above, Thursday 19 December, 6:00-8:30pm, at Churchill Park School;
  • Kubz, Saturday 21 December, 9:00-11:00am, at Churchill Park School.

Grading invoices will be sent out on Sunday 8 December, and must be paid by Friday 13 December.

End of year barbecue

On Saturday 21st December, we have combined training at Churchill Park School 11:00am-12:00pm (just after the Kubz grading – Kubz can watch or join in). All grading results will be awarded at this session at 11:00am, so don’t miss it, and don’t be late.

Wear dobok, sunscreen and a hat – we will be training outside in the sports field.

Following the combined training session, we have our annual Christmas barbecue, 12:00pm-2:00pm.

  • We provide sausages, bread, sauce, juice, water, plates, cups and cutlery.
  • Bring a plate of salad or dessert to share.
  • Adults are welcome to bring summer beverages – drink responsibly and drive safely.
  • Bring your families, too!

January fees

International Taekwon-Do, our national association, charges all students an annual reregistration fee. Rather than charging you separately, we use January fees to pay your fee for you.

This means although most of Auckland goes away in January, January fees are due for all students. Please don’t email Master Banicevich to say you are away and ask whether you still have to pay fees. The answer is, “yes”.

Summer break

There are no classes for three weeks between Sunday 22rd December and Sunday 12th January (inclusive).

Summer classes

Training resumes Tuesday 14th January. Many people are still away on holiday, so we run a more limited schedule until Thursday 30th January:

  • Children under 9 (including Kubz), Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00-6:00pm.
  • Children 9 and older and adults, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm.

These are fun sessions that we run either:

  • On Vellenoweth Green, on the corner of Goldie St and Tamaki Dr; or
  • At St Heliers Bay, opposite Vellenoweth Green.

Watch (and your weekly email). This is where we will tell you if we are at Vellenoweth Green or the beach.

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