Approved equipment for tournaments

Hi everyone

We are starting to get a lot of interest in tournaments, which is wonderful. We have the Regional Tournament approaching, and tournament specific training with the region coach on Sundays. Read more here.

You will need the right equipment, particularly for free sparring. Details about what to wear are here. (Your dobok is the main bit, no need to customise it.) Details about safety equipment for free sparring are here.

For free sparring:

  • you must have a clear mouth guard (available from pharmacies and sporting goods stores)
  • boys must have a groin guard (same as for cricket and other sports)
  • you are allowed black hand and foot protectors¬†(otherwise you need red and blue gear, two sets)
  • head gear is usually supplied at the tournament.

I can buy foot and hand protectors for $200 per set from my supplier, FujiMAE NZ.


Master Banicevich.

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