An adult class (that children can do, too)

This is a class for adults that children can do, too. Start by popping out for a run for 5-10 minutes to warm up.

In the first video you work through some fundamental exercises. Focus on stances and hand techniques today. Do 15 minutes of fundamental movements in this way.

Then do 15 minutes working through patterns. If you have a pattern workout book, work through your own grade pattern using the book.

If you do no have the book, remember that if you pay full fees in April 2020, you will receive free copies of the pattern workout book, and the self-defence gup syllabus book (value $40).

Now work on your step sparring (alone) for 15 minutes. Master Banicevich demonstrates working through green belt two-step sparring as an example.

Then do 15 minutes on free sparring footwork and some simple sparring drills.

Finally, stretch for 15-20 minutes. In this video, Master Banicevich demonstrates a sequence of stretches. (Our camera runs out of battery at the end of this video, so it cuts out right at the end.) Watch the video, note down the stretches if you cannot remember them, and then work through it alone. Hold each stretch for 20-60 seconds (the longer the better).

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