Adult and teen class (suitable for children, too), 30 March 2020

Hi Everyone

In this class, we’ll do some leg strength work, some fundamental movements, patterns (particularly Chon-Ji and Kwang-Gae), and three-step sparring.

Start with a warm up.

Let’s do some slow motion kicks and leg strength exercises. You can do this exercise with any of your kicks.

Now do some pattern style fundamental movements.

Now work on Chon-Ji, and your patterns.

Black belts can work on Kwang-Gae, as well – with guest instructor, Master James Rimmer!

Now some three-step sparring (alone, if you don’t have a partner). First yellow stripe and yellow belt syllabus. Please forgive my mix-up at 6:32 – I forgot what block I was performing!

Then green stripe syllabus (two-way counter-attacking with hands, and one way counter-attacking with kicks).

And then stretch to warm down.

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