Under 18 tournament on 21 August

Hi everyone

The second under 18 tournament this year is in Papakura at Rosehill College – that’s in Auckland!

If you are interested in competing in tournaments, get registered! http://www.itkd.co.nz/events/tournaments/under18/2016/tournament02.php

This is open to ALL children under 18, including Kubz and Mini-kids. (Events are modified for littlies, for example, power test is punching a pad as far as you can.)

Register, and let your instructor know. We have one of the largest clubs in the country, and most of our members are under 18, so we should be able to get a big group and have fun! If we get competitors, we will need to arrange seniors to coach, and we will only know that if you talk to us!

They will also need seniors to help with things like umpiring and marshalling. Tournaments only run with volunteers to help.

Get entered and have fun!


Master Banicevich.

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