Zoom grading the week of 15 November

Hi Everyone

As lockdown extends, I am very conscious that we have yellow belts and above who have been training hard, but were unable to grade at the end of last term.

With pleasure, I announce that we will host a grading by Zoom for coloured belts during the week of 15 November.

Pregrading will be in the week of 1 November 2021.

Students will have to meet all usual grading requirements – sufficient training sessions, pass the pregrading, good attitude, consent from parents and teachers (although I will not request a completed report sheet), and pay grading and training fees on time. In addition, students will need an area to grade where I can see your full body on camera (not just your belt up), although this can be a limited space. Try to get as clear a space as you can – outside is fine.

All areas of your syllabus will be examined except breaking, with some modifications:

  • fundamental movements;
  • patterns (if you are in a limited space, complete strong movements in full stances, and adjust your position during the pattern as necessary);
  • step sparring (if you do not have a suitable partner available, then you will be examined performing the attacks and defences alone);
  • free sparring – performing the drills we practised in class, and demonstrating with an imaginary opponent or chair (free sparring can be performed if you have a suitable partner and safe space);
  • self-defence, with a partner from your household who need not be a Taekwon-Do practitioner, and should be your size or larger);
  • theory, a little more extensive than usual, including self-defence theory.

Between now and grading, please bring your self-defence partner to about 10 minutes of each session, so you can work together and your partner can learn what to expect.

Keep training, everyone. It is my goal that our Taekwon-Do experience will be as seamless as possible between lockdown, outdoor, and face-to-face training.


Master Banicevich.