Train smarter this term

Hi Everyone

The late grading for term 3 means we have a very short term 4 – pregrading is only 7 weeks away. Here are some tips to improve your chances of being ready for the next grading.

  1. Train more – we have 12 classes per week. The more we practise, the better we get. You can see our class schedule here.
  2. Read your syllabus book – learn what you have to know (and learn your theory while you are at it).
  3. Watch our syllabus videos, to learn what each technique in your syllabus is.
  4. Practise your new movements at home, and ensure you understand what they are for and how they work (e.g. cross correctly).
  5. Come to training early, and ask your seniors for feedback on your technique, or to show you new techniques.
  6. Learn all of your fundamental movements in isolation first, practise them, and then learn your pattern.
  7. In class, talk less, and practise more – do your best in class, so that you improve.
  8. Record your feedback, write notes, and draw diagrams in your training notebook – and also write your goals!

See you at training!

Remember: Saturday classes tomorrow are at Vellenoweth Green, and Kubz class is 9:30-11:00am.