Thank you to my Leadership Team

Hi Parents and Students

A huge thank you to my Leadership Team of black and red belts.

I tested positive for Covid on Tuesday morning. This meant I had to find cover for my classes at very short notice. Time to enact our contingency plans.┬áThen Mr Glen-Gaul fell ill on Wednesday, so we had to find cover for his class, and the classes he was covering for me. The contingency to our contingency plan wasn’t quite so prearranged!

Our Leadership Team of black and red belts stepped in to help, often rearranging busy work schedules to achieve it. Thank you so much!

It wasn’t the introduction to teaching I’d planned for Mr Sapir. Although Mr Sapir is a confident young man and has experience teaching other sports, he hasn’t yet taught his own Taekwon-Do classes, and he hasn’t taught very young children. Regardless, he stepped in to help wherever he could. Hopefully my detailed lesson plans will make it as easy as possible for him. I am very impressed with Mr Sapir’s confidence and competence, and I know this is only the start of his journey to being a great instructor (if I don’t put him off this week).

Parents and students, I apologise for the disruption this week. I hope you enjoy the classes, and please forgive any minor mishaps from our team.

I look forward to seeing everyone again next week.