IMPORTANT term 1 grading details

Hi Everyone

Term 1 grading dates are as follows:

  • Saturday 9 April, Taekwon-Do Kubz, Churchill Park School, 9:30-11am – combined class;
  • Monday 11 April, students with white-coloured belts (below yellow belt), Churchill Park School, 6-8pm (approx);
  • Tuesday 12 April, students yellow belt and above, Churchill Park School, 6:00-8:30pm (approx).

Grading invoices were sent to those invited to grade this weekend. There is a separate grading invoice for each person invited to grade. If you were invited, and you will not grade, email Master Banicevich urgently (so we don’t print certificates we don’t need).

Grading fees are due urgently – before Thursday 7 April – so we can reconcile payments before grading date. 

Kubz gradings cost $45. Children’s gradings cost $25. These gradings do not have family discounts.

Gup gradings (international belt system) cost between $60 and $80 depending upon grade. If there is more than one person in a family grading for a new gup, additional family members get $25 discount each.

Prepare for grading

Ensure you practise hard. Learn your theory – it will be tested this week, and at grading. Remember the four things I need to see in your patterns:

  1. How your body moves – sine wave, outcurve line, pivot on the balls of your feet;
  2. Correct stances – length, width, body distribution, foot angles, body facing;
  3. Correct technique – preparation, crossing, crossing height, trajectory, correct tool, finished height;
  4. POWER – how you use your hip and body, your spirit, acceleration, explosive power.

Arrive at grading 15 minutes early and warm up. There is a very limited warmup before grading, so be ready. You must be formed up and ready to grade at 6pm.

Kubz grading and important information for Kubz parents

All students should attend, including those who may not be grading. Class will be combined, 9:30-11:00am (including stamping books). This is a long class, and students usually manage very well!

If you usually come to the 9am class, remember to come 30 minutes later; if you usually come to the 10am class, remember to come 30 minutes earlier.

Practise the questions in your book for your next stripe colour. Those with no stripes, study the white questions; those with a white stripe, study the yellow questions; etc.

There are permission slips in your Kubz book for you to sign, and for your child’s teacher to sign if that is viable this term.

There will be class on Easter Saturday as usual. There are no classes Saturdays 23 and 30 April, for school holidays. Instead, please come to the Monday or Thursday 5-6pm class at Churchill Park School.

Boosabum Development Squad

I would like your help on Monday 11 April at grading. I will ask you to marshal the grading, run short warmups occasionally, and Dr Valles will also have you demonstrate various Taekwon-Do exercises during the night. This is very inspiring for our young and new students!

Those not grading on Tuesday 12 April, I will ask your help to marshal the grading, and run various warmup exercises. I may also ask you to free spar some of the senior students, and partner students without a viable partner. This is good practice for when you are black belt. Ensure you know all of the syllabuses below your own (e.g. three- and two-step sparring).

New students and those not invited to grade

We hold gradings at the end of each term. There is a minimum number of sessions required between gradings, and for gup gradings (the international system), students must also reach the required national standard.

If you are not invited to grade this term, keep training and keep practising – I’m sure you can get yourself ready for next term if you train smart and hard!


Master Banicevich.