Support the Regional Tournament this Sunday!

This message covers two topics:

  • The Regional Tournament this Sunday;
  • Nominate someone for a National Award

Regional Tournament

This Sunday is our Regional Tournament. If you haven’t entered, come along and watch – support International Taekwon-Do Glendowie!

  • Sunday 21 May 2023, 8am start, all day event
  • AMI Netball Centre, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive, St Johns

The competition will begin at 9am. At 8am, we will be setting up one of the squares and our competitors will register for the tournament.

There is a cafe at the venue, but I recommend bringing a packed lunch. The queues for the cafe can be long and slow. Bring (healthy) snack food and plenty of water, too.

There is lots to see!

  • Support over 20 of our Glendowie members as they compete, including young children and senior students!
  • Watch Mr Sapir, our Glendowie Primary School instructor, compete!
  • See senior students perform a range of Taekwon-Do patterns – watch the black belts!
  • Watch lots of free sparring, from young children to black belts!
  • See the amazing power breaking, as senior students smash through plastic boards!
  • See the incredible flying techniques in the special technique event!
  • Watch our own team of star green belts perform their team pattern, Won-Hyo!

Bring your cheering voices! Gather with the Glendowie team! You can even get credit points for helping on the day – the organisers need runners, time keepers, ring marshals, and other helpers.

I look forward to seeing you there!

National Awards

The awards that we get to nominate on are:

  • Dan Student of the Year
  • Gup Student of the Year
  • Instructor of the Year
  • Club of the Year
  • Junior Sportsperson of the Year (under 18 years)
  • Sportsperson of the Year (over 18 years)

To nominate someone, write a page or two justifying why they should receive the award. Talk to the person to get facts about their performance over the year. Email nominations to before Wednesday 21 June. Here are some of the criteria for each category:

  • Dan Student Criteria
    • Participation in events, regionally and nationally, as a competitor or official
    • Achievements in gradings and/or tournaments
    • Contribution to their club eg instructing, administration etc
    • Contribution to the greater community, if any, like outside interests or community service etc
    • Other relevant achievements
  • Gup Student Criteria
    • Grading results over the past year
    • Attendance at events
    • Qualifications gained
    • Contribution to the greater community if any, like outside interests or community service etc
    • Other relevant achievements
  • Instructor Criteria
    • Grading results of students averaged out
    • All instructor qualifications current
    • Instructors personal achievements/changes for the year if any
  • Club Criteria
    • Club growth/changes (Difference between registered members previous Awards year)
    • Student achievements/attendance at any event, including camps and tournaments
    • Supporting Community, Social and environmental initiatives through club participation.
  • Junior Sportsperson
    • This category is based on competition results at regional events, prior year Nationals, Stars Series and international placing.