Star Series Tournament 1, 28 May 2023

Hi Parents and Students

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Regional Tournament today. It was a great day, and our 21 competitors performed exceptionally well. I don’t have the results yet, but I saw several of our members with many medals! Congratulations everyone! Most importantly, I hope you all had fun! Results will be available here soon. A huge thank you to parents, and Mrs B, for your help and support.

For those who want another tournament, or who missed this one, there is the Star Series tournament 1 on Sunday 11 June! Registrations close on 1 June, so get registered now! The tournament is open to the same ages and ranks as the Regional Tournament was. For details and registration, click here. This tournament will be in Howick, not too far away.

We also have our National Tournament at Trusts Stadium in Henderson on 29-30 July. Details are here. This often requires additional training with region coaches. Watch the Auckland North Facebook group for details. This may be restricted by grade (for example, yellow belt and above). Watch the two websites linked in this paragraph for details.

Our Regional Tournament competitors were (our school code is “PMG” for “Paul M Glendowie”, after my instructor, GM Paul McPhail):

54: Colden Sapir PMG -1 M Y Y Y
55: Isabel Cruickshank PMG 1 F Y Y Y
56: Madalen Guibert-Soehadi PMG 1 F Y Y Y
57: Jacob Crichton PMG 1 M Y Y Y
58: Liam August PMG 1 M Y Y Y Y
59: Oliver Turin PMG 2 M Y
60: Alice Maclean PMG 3 F Y Y Y Y off sick
61: Rose Maclean PMG 3 F Y Y Y Y
62: Kelsy Olivier PMG 4 F Y Y
63: Kenzie August PMG 5 F Y Y Y Y Y PMG
64: Harper August PMG 5 F Y Y Y Y Y PMG
65: Toby Cruickshank PMG 5 M Y Y Y Y PMG
66: Levi Crichton PMG 5 M Y Y Y Y PMG
67: Julien Fransisco PMG 6 M Y Y
68: Jackson Taylor-Mangan PMG 6 M Y PMG
69: Gladys Sudyatmiko PMG 6 F Y Y
70: Yasmine Rosen PMG 8 F Y Y Y
71: Haig Hankey PMG 8 M Y Y Y Y
72: Freddie Kennedy PMG 10 M Y Y Y Y off sick
73: Elysia Hurdley PMG 10 F Y Y
74: Bao Luu PMG Mk9-Yw M Y Y
75: Soren Lawrence PMG MkF-Bu M Y Y Y Y