School holiday classes and skills tournament survey

Hi Parents and Students

Weekday classes continue in school holidays

Remember that all of our classes (except Saturdays) continue during school holidays. However, we don’t have classes on public holidays (so no classes Easter Monday).

Bring a friend or two along, and have some fun! (And parents, take an hour off!)

Those who train on Saturdays, please attend an alternative class:

  • Kubz, try Tuesday or Thursday 5-6pm at Churchill Park School;
  • 6-8yos, try Tuesday or Thursday at Churchill Park School – under 9s at 5-6pm, or 9+ at 6-7pm;
  • Adults, try Tuesday and Thursday 7:00-8:30pm at Churchill Park School, or join your children in their class.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Skills tournament feedback

Thank you to those who took time to respond to our survey. We received 20 responses, all from people who attended the tournament.

  • 19 were either satisfied or very satisfied with the tournament, and thought it was a valuable experience for the children, while 1 was dissatisfied.
  • The greatest benefits were fun, parents and children seeing children perform, and a better understanding of their skill level; 1 saw no benefits.
  • Half of respondents thought we should have 2 tournaments per year, 4 preferred more than that, 4 preferred one.
  • We received some very helpful feedback for improvement:
    • Some felt the two-hour tournament was too long for young children. I expect we will be much faster the second time.
    • Add drink and snack breaks for the children.
    • Difficult for parents with children in both age groups, taking four hours.
    • Making special technique event for senior children closer to competition (flying high side kick jumps over an obstacle).
    • Difficult to hear instructors with sessions run in parallel. Good to divide the children across squares, though.
    • Would be great if children without sparring gear could borrow some and try free sparring. We used to do this, but gear went missing and it was difficult to manage, so we no longer have club gear.
    • A request for pyramid-style events that conclude with a winner. The aim of this tournament is to give students ago without the pressure of winning. We prefer to leave this next step to the regional competitions.
  • Positive feedback:
    • A lot of appreciation for the senior members who helped – running rings, sharing their skills, and supporting their juniors. Thank you, seniors!

This helpful feedback gives us a great steer for how best to continue. Based on this feedback, we will run a second tournament at the end of term 3. Mark this date in your diary now: Saturday 16 September. Next time we will complete the Kubz grading the following week, rather than questioning Kubz students during the tournament.

It is not too late to give your feedback here.