Report sheets and homework

Hi Parents

As we stated in a previous email:

  • Report sheets were due this week, and
  • Ensure your child’s syllabus book is completed by next week.

Report sheets

This applies to our students under 13 years of age, excluding Taekwon-Do Kubz. You can download the report sheet here.

These sheets were due this week. You can bring them to Churchill Park School tomorrow (Saturday) between 9am and 12 noon, if you haven’t already provided it. (Emailed sheets are not useful, because there is a section for our class instructor to complete as well.)

We ask you and your child’s teacher to complete these sheets because it is important to us that our students behave well at home and school as well as at Taekwon-Do. Poor behaviour is contrary to our Taekwon-Do values, so if a student behaves poorly at home or at school, we don’t permit them to grade.

Syllabus books

If your child’s belt is white (including stripes), and they have a kids syllabus book (the A4 book), then it contains homework exercises.

Please ensure your child brings their book to training next week, complete for their grade and below.

New students, complete the sections with the white belt (pictured on the top right side of the page), and the pages with a single yellow stripe. Other students should complete the pages that match their own coloured stripe and below. (For example, students with a green and a blue stripe should have completed the white, yellow, green and blue stripe pages.)

Yellow stripes, I’m sorry that yours is a bit confusing (I’ll fix this going forward):

  • one yellow stripe on each end, complete the yellow stripe pages,
  • two yellow stripes on one end (9th gup +1), complete the green stripe pages,
  • three yellow stripes on one end (9th gup +2), complete the blue stripe pages,
  • four yellow stripes on one end (9th gup +3), complete the entire book.