Remember fee changes from 1 March 2022

It has been many years since we last reviewed our fees. Last year Covid lockdowns hit us hard, and reduced student numbers required us to reevaluate our fees and expenses. Many students will not be impacted by these changes. From 1 March 2022, fees will be as follows:

  • Under 9 years training once per week, $50 per month;
  • 9 years and over, and younger students training twice per week, $70 per month;
  • Family of 2 training, $110 per month (2 under 9 training once per week remains $100 per month);
  • Family of 3 training, $140 per month;
  • Additional family members, $30 per month;
  • Boosabum Development Squad, +$25 per month.

Explaining the fee changes:

Young children training once per week, and single students training twice or thrice per week have no change in fees. However, those over 9 years training once per week will now pay the same as other senior students. This is for three reasons. First, the standard at these ages is to train twice or more per week to optimise the benefits of Taekwon-Do training. Secondly, this recognises that as students get older, they tend to leave if they are not progressing, and students training once per week progress at less than half the rate of those training twice. Thirdly, to reduce my administrative burden so I can see more of my family. For these reasons, the package we now offer 9 year-olds and above includes two or three sessions per week.

Family fees have increased $10 per month. Some parents of training families tell me these fees are too cheap, and I finally listened. I had to recognise that large families do take space in our classes, and our class sizes are limited by a range of factors. Presently nobody will be impacted by the fee increase for families of more than three people (we have many families of 3, but no families of 4 or more). Note that fees are unchanged for a family of 2 who are both under 9 training once per week (they remain $100 per month).

The Boosabum Development Squad is a great class to challenge our most committed students. However, it wasn’t covering its costs. The number of students in the squad is limited to maximise the benefits for the students, so it isn’t possible to cover these costs by increasing class numbers.  Therefore, we had to increase its fees slightly.

This was first posted in our news on 28 January 2022.