Pregrading is next week – report sheets are due

Hi Everyone

The week of 7 November is pregrading week – so train hard and prepare!

Read this post carefully for details about pregrading and grading. Class instructors will look particularly at those who meet the requirements for their next national grading. (Taekwon-Do Kubz and new students, pregrading doesn’t affect you; you may be grading in week 10, depending upon attendance and progress. This affects children who have a first red stripe or black stripe, most youth and adult students, and many young coloured belts.)

What you must do now:

  • Grading for those with a mini-kids handbook is subject to sighting the completed syllabus book sections for your next grade and below. All children with white belts and yellow stripes, ensure you complete the relevant  pages of your syllabus book!
  • Study the theory for your grade and below. It will be tested, either at pre-grading, or at grading.
  • Those under 13, please complete a report sheet and bring it with you to class this week. There is a space for the teacher and a space for a parent. Kubz have two permission slips at the back of their manuals. We are reintroducing this requirement now that Covid is settling, so we will be slightly more lenient this term, particularly for new students.

Then what happens:

After pregrading, we’ll invoice students who are invited to grade this term. Grading details will be on the email that comes with the invoice. Grading invoices will be sent on Sunday 13 November. If you receive an invoice, you are invited to grade this term. Read this post and the invoice email carefully, to understand how gradings will proceed. Grading fees are due before Thursday 17 November.

  • Kubz grading, Saturday 19 November, 9:00-11:00am, Churchill Park School;
  • All grades up to yellow belt, Monday 21 November, 6:00-8:00pm, Churchill Park School;
  • All grades from yellow belt (those wearing a yellow belt or higher) and adult white belts, Tuesday 22 November, 6:00-8:30pm, Churchill Park School;
  • Children’s syllabus gradings are $25 each, national gradings are $60 to $80 each depending upon rank, and Kubz gradings are $45 each.

If you cannot make the date of your scheduled grading, try to rearrange your calendar, please. Exceptions are difficult to manage.

Ensure you practise your syllabus – all of your syllabus and below – for grading, and ensure you know the theory for your grade and below. Remember that an invitation to grade is not a guarantee to pass – that is up to you, and how well you perform at grading.

And if I’m not grading:

If you do not receive an invoice, then you are not invited to grade this term. In most cases, this is because you have insufficient sessions since your last grading – keep training. You are improving, and next term it is likely that you’ll be ready! A few students are not invited to grade because they are not trying hard enough in class. Grades are not awarded for turning up. You get better by trying hard, and you must meet the national standard to pass a national grading!

Children’s syllabus grades are designed for children under 13. Children naturally take longer to progress than adults, and children’s grades are awarded to help them recognise their progress.

Grading fees due 17 November:

Please note that grading fees (and all training fees) must be paid by Thursday 17 November, so they can clear before we reconcile bank accounts the Friday evening before grading.

If you have any questions, please ask your class instructor.