Outdoor classes begin Monday 15 November

Please read this email very carefully:

  • Changes to grading details (all students who are grading must read this);
  • Details for moving from Zoom classes to outdoor classes;
  • NEW one Zoom class per week on Mondays.

If you prefer Zoom classes

There are a few children whose parents are not yet comfortable with outdoor training. We will offer one Zoom class per week on Mondays at 5pm for these children.

Outdoor class details

Training times will be as follows:

  • Children and junior grades (classes focused on material for white belts to yellow belts)
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5-6pm
    • Please note, depending upon instructor availability, Tuesday classes may start at 5:15pm.
  • Adults and children above yellow belt
    • Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm
  • Taekwon-Do Kubz (see below)
    • Saturday, 9-10am, or
    • Saturday, 10-11am
  • Parents and children (classes focused on material for white belts to yellow belts)
    • Saturday, 11am-12pm
  • Boosabum Development Squad
    • Monday, 6:15-7:45pm

Training location:

All classes will be held in the middle of Vellenoweth Green except BooSquad (BooSquad will be on the Churchill Park School sports field). On balance, and based on survey responses, Vellenoweth Green has advantages:

  • It is easily accessible to students from all three of our venues;
  • There is easy parking;
  • There are toilets (and many of our children need the bathroom during class);
  • It is large enough to accommodate us, and other gatherings as well;
  • It is flat;
  • We have lost students and been unable to recruit, so it will help us to be seen in the community.

Training details:

Outdoor training information:

  • Wear dobok, sun hat, sunscreen, and sun glasses. Sports shoes are recommended.
  • Bring a bag with your training towel, drink bottle of water, syllabus book, notebook and pen, free sparring gear.
  • If the forecast is for rain, we will get wet.
  • COVID-19 guidelines do not require people to wear a mask while exercising, so wearing a mask is optional. We support students to do so.
  • Students must be 2m apart, to meet social distancing requirements.
  • Parents are welcome to watch from outside our gathering.
  • You may like to bring togs and a towel, and head to the beach with the family for a quick swim after training. (Do not swim alone, and children ensure you have an adult with you.)

We fully support COVID-19 vaccination, and we encourage all eligible members and families to be vaccinated. 64% of our members are under 12, ineligible for the vaccine, and it is important that those of us who are eligible do what we can to protect our community. Although we have not explicitly asked, most of our eligible instructors and assistants have told us that they are vaccinated. Some of our students have, too. If you are willing to tell us whether you are vaccinated, it would help us to know. We will hold the information securely (we store it on an external hard drive, not on the internet). You can obtain your own vaccination record here: https://app.covid19.health.nz/.

Children’s classes:

Gathering sizes are limited to 25 people, including the instructor and assistant. We need parents to be present, but outside our gathering bubble. If a child needs the bathroom, they will be sent to you so you can escort them across the road to the public bathrooms at St Heliers Bay. Parents may like to bring a picnic platter and a book, and enjoy an hour of quiet time. Our instructor must stay with the class, and we will not let children cross Tamaki Drive without an adult from within their family bubble.

Kubz classes:

With social distancing requirements, we are unable to hold pads and other items to interact with children. Therefore, we would like one parent to attend class with each family. Please bring a cushion or pillow that your child can use as a pad.

This means that each class is limited to 12 children and 12 parents. Hence we are offering two classes – 9am and 10am. Please come prepared to attend either class until we settle into a routine. Perhaps bring a picnic brunch, and enjoy some family time in the sun.

Grading details

Grading will be outside at Vellenoweth Green. We have over 24 students grading, so we have to split it over two nights.

  • White belts to green belts, Tuesday 16 November, 6-8pm.
  • Blue stripes (5th gup) and above, Thursday 18 November, 6-8pm.

On Wednesday evening, Master Banicevich will be grading students from Maraetai over Zoom.

Those who are grading, practise training outside on the grass in sports shoes. Your patterns and other movements will feel different in shoes on the grass.

Students who are not grading will train in a separate gathering in the same park, with a separate instructor.


Visitors must contact Master Banicevich before visiting one of our outdoor classes. Unfortunately with gathering limits of 25, we do not anticipate having capacity for visiting students.