No report sheet this term

Hi Parents and Students

Given the disruption over the past year, I will not ask parents and teachers to complete report sheets this term. Please let me know if you are not happy with your child’s behaviour at home or at school. Students with such behaviour will not be invited to grade – this is very important to us at International Taekwon-Do.

About report sheets

International Taekwon-Do is not about kicking and punching. It is about building great people. A child’s behaviour – both within the dojang (training
area) and outside it – is very important.

For this reason, each child is usually required to submit a completed report sheet to their class instructor in week 8 of each term. You can download the report sheet from this link. There are brief sections to complete for the child’s parent, and the child’s teacher.

If a child receives any “Poor” grades, he or she will not be permitted to grade.

As stated above, we do not require these sheets this term (term 1, 2022).