Master Banicevich is away to the World Championships

Hi Students and Parents

The ITF World Championships will be held in Tampere, Finland from 4 to 10 September 2023. Find out more here:

Master Banicevich is travelling to the event as a member of the ITF Board of Directors. He is standing for re-election at the General Assembly on 5 September. Please watch, like, share and comment on his campaign video! You may also be interested in the series of interviews “Governance Bites” that he started as part of the campaign. You can find the videos here:

For this reason, Master Banicevich will be away from 29 August to 21 September. All classes will be taught by other members of our instructing team – thank you, team!

You can contact Master Banicevich via email.

See you for our Skills Tournament on Saturday 23 September!