Grading the week of 9 October – IMPORTANT!

Hi Parents and Students

Please read this email very carefully. It contains important information about grading.

My trip to Finland for the World Championships put the term 3 grading round in turmoil. A huge thank you to our instructing team, who picked up pregradings in my absence.

  • Grading for white belts and yellow stripes (except those going for yellow belt) will be at Glendowie Primary School on Monday 9 October, 6-8pm. Adults, please bring your own chair, because their is very little seating at the hall.
  • Grading for those going for yellow belt, and above, will be at Churchill Park School on Tuesday 10 October, 6:00-8:30pm.
  • Grading for Taekwon-Do Kubz will be – weather dependent – on Saturday 14 October, 9:30-11:00am, in Vellenoweth Green. School halls are unavailable that day, because of the election. If weather is unpleasant, I will send an email at 8:30am that morning to postpone the grading to Saturday 21 October.

We did our very best to pregrade everyone over the past few weeks. If you believe there was an error, please email me urgently.

  • Grading invoices will be sent this afternoon/evening, Saturday 30 September. If you received a grading invoice, you are invited to grade. If you did not receive an invoice, the next grading is only 9 weeks later, so train hard to get ready!
  • Children’s gradings and Kubz gradings are $45 each.
  • National gup gradings are $90 each. For relevant grades, this includes your next syllabus handbook (those attaining green belt, yellow belt, and children attaining yellow stripe).
  • If you have multiple family members training, you will receive a separate email for each person who is invited to grade.

Skills Tournament and grading fees.

  • If you competed in our Skills Tournament on Saturday 23 September, and you are completing a children’s grading or Kubz grading this term, then the tournament fee is included in the grading fee. Your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If you are completing a national grading this term, then the tournament fee is additional. (National grading fees are centralised with the national association. They are a key source of organisation revenue.)

Grading notes.

  • Ensure you study the theory and practise all techniques for your own grade and below. Think about your instructor’s feedback, and try to improve these areas in particular.
  • For those under 13, report sheets were due last week. Grading results will not be awarded until I have a completed report sheet. (Report sheets can be downloaded here.) Taekwon-Do Kubz, you don’t need the report sheet. Instead, you have permission slips at the back of the Kubz handbook – one for you and one for the teacher (the box with a border coloured the same as the stripe they seek to attain).
  • We recommend using these report sheets as an opportunity to talk to your child about their behaviour at home and at school, and where you would like to see them improve.
  • If you haven’t yet returned your report sheet, please do so this week, not on grading day, even if that means your child’s teacher hasn’t completed it.
  • Bring your training notebook and syllabus handbook. Instructors may review your notebooks to see what notes you have recorded. Children with white belt or yellow stripe handbooks, instructors will check that you have completed the relevant pages.
  • Children grading to yellow stripe or to yellow belt should have completed all of the exercises in their handbooks.
  • Grading results for those who have completed the requirements above will be awarded on the night. For those who have not met these requirements, results will be awarded thereafter.