Grading invoices will come this weekend

Hi Everyone

Pregrading is this week, and for those invited to grade, we will prepare and send grading invoices on 2 or 3 April.

These invoices are due by Thursday 7 April. Please pay promptly. If invoices are not paid on time, we may be unable to present grading certificates on grading night.

The amount of the grading invoice varies:

  • International gup gradings range from $60 to $80 each, and there are family discounts;
  • National children’s gradings are $25 each;
  • Kubz gradings are $45 each.

Not all students will be invited to grade. For children’s gradings and gup gradings, it depends upon attendance, good behaviour, and general progress. For international gup gradings, students must also pass pregrading to be invited to grade.

As many of you know, we usually require a completed report sheet each term for students under 13. Given recent disruption, we are not requesting the report this term. If your child has poor behaviour at home or at school, please notify us. We do not invite children to grade if they behave poorly outside of Taekwon-Do – that is not the behaviour we want to reward.

Thank you. Train hard for pregrading, and remember to learn your theory!