End of year and grading

Hi Parents and Students

  • Grading for those below yellow belt, Monday 13 December, 6:00-7:30pm at Vellenoweth Green;
  • Grading for those yellow belt and above, Tuesday 14 December, 6:00-8:00pm at Vellenoweth Green;
  • Kubz grading, Saturday 11 December, 9:30am-11:00am at Vellenoweth Green;
  • Regular classes as normal at that time (so come to training whether grading or not);
  • End of year sessions Thursday 16 December at Vellenoweth Green:
    • Children and Kubz 5-6pm;
    • Senior students, 7:00-8:30pm;
    • Have a family picnic dinner afterwards!
  • Remaining Zoom classes on (for those not training in the park) Mondays 6 and 13 December, 5-6pm;
  • Then have a wonderful Christmas and summer break!

Grading invoices were sent the afternoon of Saturday 4 December. We invited people to grade based on recent attendance, as well as fulfilling the other requirements. For those who are not grading this term, we look forward to getting you ready next term!

Those who are grading, practise well, and learn your theory. Be ready to perform at your best. Arrive 10 minutes early and warm up before the grading begins.

Please come along to our end of year classes on Thursday 16 December. We now have gathering limits of 100 people. Remember to bring your vaccine pass! We plan a fun session to complete the year.

Why not bring a picnic dinner to enjoy after training, in the park or on the beach!

Our summer classes in 2022 begin on 11 January in Vellenoweth Green. Details are on our Calendar page.

We also have an update from Sport NZ on the Protection Framework, and we are allowed physical contact – woohoo! You can read details here.