Contingency plans for instructors and classes

Hi Parents and Students

As we reach the peak of the Covid wave in New Zealand, it is very likely we will have to overcome some instructor disruption. Here are our contingency plans if an instructor contracts Covid or is a close contact:

  • Best case, an alternative instructor will step in and teach the class at the regular venue;
  • Alternative case, the class will move to Zoom and run from your house, so the instructor is not in contact with the students.

If we have to move classes to Zoom, we will notify everyone via email as soon as we can. Please check your email regularly, particularly on days when you attend Taekwon-Do classes.

We have only four instructors in our team, and Master Banicevich teaches 9 of our 13 weekly classes. We will do our very best to ensure that we can continue to run classes throughout this situation.

Remember that if you have cold or flu symptoms, or you feel unwell, stay home. If you have symptoms and still feel well enough to train, please do one of our recorded classes at home. Our recorded classes are here. We particularly recommend our Easter 2020 classes – we have separate videos for each grade up to 3rd gup (red stripe), which work through fundamental movements, pattern and step sparring. We also have a set of videos explaining the self-defence respond principles.

Keep safe, everyone!