Compete for Auckland North at the National Tournament!

Hi Students

If you are yellow belt and above, 9 years or older, you might be able to compete for Auckland North at the National Tournament! Get along to the regional training sessions on Sunday afternoons – details are below. For those selected (and you have a good chance of selection if you attend training) the National Tournament is in Henderson at the end of July. Let’s do it, Glendowie!



  • Auckland North Managers: Sarge (Mr Sharma) and Ash – Warrior TKD
  • Send all queries and communication to
  • Auckland North Coaches: Kara Timmer (Head Coach), Trevor Topfer, Mischke Hendricks

Auckland North Regional Trainings

  • Time: 4.30 – 6pm, Sundays
  • Dates: 4, 18, 25 June; 2, 9, 16, 23 July
  • Venue: Warrior Taekwon-Do, MMC Venue, 198 Marua Road, Ellerslie

Tournament Details

  • Date: 29-30 th July 2023
  • Venue: Trusts Stadium, Henderson (Auckland)

Who will be eligible to enter?

  • A competitor must be 9 years or older
  • Be a yellow belt a above
  • Attend regional trainings
  • Only 3 competitors per region for each individual events*

*There are limited spots available in each division from each region. Though the regional trainings are not compulsory, you are encouraged to attend so you can be seen by the coaches and receive feedback. The Head Coach will have the final say in who is allowed to enter, should there be more than 3 wishing to compete within the same region. If the coaches have not seen your performance, they cannot speak for you.

Attending the first Star Series tournament in Auckland (11 June) can also help coaches see you in action. However, competing in Star Series is not compulsory, nor is it a guarantee for an entry into Nationals.

Competitor information

  • Yellow belt to blue stripe (8 th Gup to 5 th Gup) —- Patterns and Sparring only
  • Blue belt to black stripe (4 th Gup to 1 st Gup) —– Patterns, Sparring, Special Techniques and Power
  • For sparring, competitors need clear mouthguard, correct boots, gloves and helmet. Groin guards for males.
  • For Power, Gup competitors who are blue belts and above, you will need to be 15 years old. No restriction for BB competitors.
  • For team events, Gups can only enter team patterns.
  • Coloured belt team pattern may be any age, gender or rank combination. One team per region.
  • Pre-arranged teams are divided into Juniors aged 17 and under, and Seniors aged 18 and older, gender mixing is allowed. One team per division per region.
  • Black belt teams (Sparring, Patterns, Power, Specialty) are divided into Junior teams aged 17 and under, and Senior teams aged 18 and older with no gender mixing. One team per division per region.

Further details for applications and merchandise will be provided soon. Refer to the ITKD-NZ website for complete National Tournament Rules.