Classes Saturday 14 October

Hi Everyone

Classes on Saturday 14 October will be held in Vellenoweth Green, in the corner nearest the shops:

  • Kubz class and grading, 9:30am-11:00am.
  • Parent and child class, 11am-12pm.

These classes are weather dependent. If the weather is poor, I will send a bulk email at 8:30am Saturday morning to cancel classes. If this happens, the Kubz grading will be held (at the same time) on Saturday 21 October.

Saturday classes return to the Churchill Park School hall on Saturday 21 October.

On Saturday 14 October, all school halls are used as polling booths for the general election, so the hall is unavailable for us.

Preparing for Kubz grading

  • In the back of your Kubz manual, you will find permission slips for parents, and for your child’s school or preschool teacher. Please complete (and ask the teacher to complete) the section with a border the colour that your child seeks to attain. (New students will be the white bordered boxes.)
  • In the tabbed section for the grade your child seeks to attain (white tab if this is your child’s first grading), you will find a few pages of questions and answers. Practise these questions and answers with your child – these are what we test at grading. (For new students, the questions are about communication, and healthy foods.)