Bring your syllabus book to grading!

Hi Students

Remember to complete the relevant pages of your syllabus book, and bring it to your grading.

At grading, we will check that you have completed your relevant pages, and if you haven’t – you may have to complete them before you can get your grading result!

Please note that the details below were in your grading invoice email, customised for your own grading. You received this email last weekend. This post contains details for all gradings, so your email will be less confusing!

Note that grading date, time and venue may differ from your regular classes. Arrive 15 minutes early and quietly warm up (without disturbing other classes).

Kubz grading details

  • Saturday 19 November
  • 9:30-11:00am (not the differing start time)
  • Churchill Park School hall

Kubz gradings are designed to give children a sense of achievement and progression, and a chance to demonstrate what they have learned.

  • Ensure you practise the questions and answers for your next stripe colour shown with a tab in your Kubz manual. We are not as concerned about correct Taekwon-Do technique.
  • There are permission slips in the back of the book – one for the parents to complete and one for your teacher. Please ensure these are completed for grading day.

Grading results for those who have completed the requirements above will be awarded on the day. For those who have not met these requirements, results will be awarded thereafter.

Students who pass will receive a stripe and two badges. The stripe goes on one end of the belt (above existing stripes). The badges iron onto the uniform as shown in the Kubz manual (we also recommend a few stitches, too.)

Taekwon-Do grading reminders

  • Ensure you study the theory and practise all techniques for your own grade and below. Think about your instructor’s feedback, and try to improve these areas in particular.
  • For those under 13, report sheets were due last week. Grading results will not be awarded until I have a completed report sheet. (Report sheets can be downloaded here,
  • Bring your training notebook and syllabus handbook. Instructors may review your notebooks to see what notes you have recorded.

Grading results for those who have completed the requirements above will be awarded on the night. For those who have not met these requirements, results will be awarded thereafter.

Grading details for those going for white belt and yellow stripe grades

  • Monday 4 July 2022
  • 6:00-8:00pm
  • Churchill Park School hall

Grading details for those going for yellow belt and above

  • Tuesday 22 November 2022
  • 6:00-8:30pm
  • Churchill Park School hall

Those grading to junior (children’s) grades

This is a children’s grading. Children’s gradings are designed to help children realise their achievements as they progress, while they work to achieve the level required for the international gup (coloured belt) grading system.

Students who pass will receive a stripe. This stripe goes on the SAME SIDE of the belt as any existing stripes (up to three white stripes each side).

Those grading to international gup grades

Those who are going for international gup (coloured belt) grading system must meet the required standard to pass the grading. Passing depends upon performance – it is not guaranteed. Please ensure you practise, and learn all required theory from your syllabus handbook.

Students who pass will receive a new belt or two stripes. If they receive stripes, one goes on each end of the belt, 5cm from the end of the belt.

Children who successfully attain yellow stripe will need to buy the 9th gup minikids syllabus handbook for $20. Those who successfully gain yellow belt, your new book is $25. New green belts will need the self-defence handbook ($25), and the coloured belt syllabus handbook ($20). For yellow belts and above, we also recommend the self-defence handbook for $25. The pattern workout book is also worthwhile ($20). I will have some books available for purchase on grading night, and I can take orders if we run out of stock.