Things to bring to every training session

Students should bring the following things to every training session, in a bag:
<li>your clear mouth guard</li>
<li>your membership card</li>
<li>your syllabus handbook</li>
<li>a pen</li>
<li>your training exercise book (to record notes)</li>
<li>a drink bottle of water</li>
<li>your free sparring gear (if you own some)</li>
<li>a jacket and shoes (in winter, for after training)</li>
Your training exercise book is a standard 1B5 or similar to record notes and diagrams of things you learn.

Free sparring gear is recommended for yellow belts and above. Many white belts will also benefit from owning their own gear. Practise putting it on and removing it at home – you need to be able to equip yourself in 30 seconds. I can arrange black vinyl gloves and boots for $150 together. Mouth guards are available from pharmacies and sports shops; groin guards (for boys) are available from sports shops, but can be difficult to find outside the cricket season.

Mini-kids ensure that you are completing your syllabus handbook exercises for your grade and below. These need to be completed to be eligible to grade.

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