Regional Tournament is compulsory

Hi Parents and Students

Tournaments are an important part of a student’s Taekwon-Do development. And they are much more fun when a large group from our school attends and competes together.

For these reason, this year’s Auckland North Regional Tournament is compulsory for all students. Only those who compete will be eligible to grade at the end of this term, barring exceptional circumstances. The tournament is even open for Kubz!

Enter here before entries close on 12 May (we are Paul M Glendowie),

There are four events, and students can choose any or all of the events to enter. Events are:

– Patterns (for white belts, this is four direction punch and four direction block).
– Power test (for small children, this is punching and kicking pads as far as they can).
– Special technique (flying kicks).
– Free sparring (scoring points against an opponent in controlled combat).

Free sparring is the most daunting event for many, and it is optional. Students must have their own clear mouthguard (required for class anyway, and available from pharmacies). Males also need a groin guard (which can be the same as for cricket). Headgear is provided at the tournament. For children without sparring gloves and boots, we have a few sets you can share at the tournament.

If you had trouble entering on Monday 1 to Thursday 4 May, please try again now. Some student registrations lapsed on 30 April, and affected students were unable to enter until the organisation processed my reregistration payment.


Master Banicevich.

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