Rearranging instructors

Hi Students and Parents

Due to instructors’ schedule changes in days jobs or school/university, we have rearranged our instructor schedule. The new schedule is:

Glendowie Primary School

  • Monday, Mr Bayogan;
  • Wednesday, Mrs Anderson.

Kohimarama School

  • Monday and Thursday, Mr Villiers;
  • For a few Mondays coming, other instructors are teaching for Mr Villiers while he has work commitments.

Churchill Park School

  • Monday 5pm, Miss Bavin;
  • Monday BooSquad, Dr Vall├Ęs;
  • Tuesday 5pm, Mr McGeorge;
  • Tuesday 6pm, Master Banicevich;
  • Tuesday 7pm, Master Banicevich;
  • Thursday 5pm, Mr McGeorge;
  • Thursday 6pm, Master Banicevich;
  • Thursday black belts, Master Banicevich;
  • Saturday 9am and 10am, Miss Bavin or Master Banicevich;
  • Saturday 11am, Master Banicevich.

On some occasions when an instructor is unavailable, another instructor steps in to teach the class.

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