Pregrading, report sheets, grading

  • pregrading is in class this week, starting 25 March;
  • report sheets are due in class this week;
  • gradings are 6, 8, 9, 10 April (depending on grade).

Pregrading is in class this week

Pregrading is during regular classes this week. The purpose is to identify who is ready to attempt the next national grade (yellow stripe, yellow belt, green stripe, green belt, etc).

Students 13 years old and younger must bring a completed report sheet to pregrading. You can download the report sheet and print it from here.

Students must be proficient at their own syllabus and below, and pass a theory test (of their own grade and below). This means:

  • theory;
  • fundamental movements;
  • patterns (from yellow stripe);
  • step sparring (from yellow stripe);
  • releasing techniques and self-defence (from yellow belt);
  • free sparring (in sparring gear, from green belt);
  • board breaking (from blue belt).

Grading from 6 April

Those who are ready to grade will be sent an invoice on Saturday 30 or Sunday 31 March. The invoice will contain the student’s specific grading date, time, and location.

  • Children grading for white belt with first green, blue, red or black, Monday 8 April, 6:00-7:30pm, Churchill Park School;
  • National grading for yellow stripe, yellow belt, green stripe, green belt, etc, Tuesday 9 April, 6:00-8:30pm (young children released ear,user), Churchill Park School;
  • Partial gradings above yellow stripe, Wednesday 10 April, 6:00-8:00pm, Glendowie Primary School;
  • Kubz, Saturday 6 April (the previous week), 9:00-10:30am, Churchill Park School.

For grading fees, please refer to this pagethis page.

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