Kubz grading and moving to mini-kids

Hi Kubz parents

This term, the Kubz grading will be one week early, on Saturday 2nd July. Grading will be combined for all students, starting at 9am and finishing about 10:30am.

All students should come to this class, whether or not they are grading. You will know whether your child is invited to grade when I send invoices next weekend (if you receive an invoice, then we invite your child to grade). Grading is based on number of classes attended since last grading, effort, and age.

For Kubz students moving to mini-kids, I bought a batch of white belts. They are $10 each. Note that Taekwon-Do uniforms come with a white belt. There is no requirement to change uniform when children move from Kubz to mini-kids.

I look forward to seeing you next weekend!


Mark (Master Banicevich).

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